Professionality is a matter of course for us.

Our employees are ideally prepared to fulfil your orders thanks to their years of experience, domestic and foreign deployments, and cross-sector orders. We undergo continuous training and can offer you in-depth knowledge in all areas of application. Your orders will be knowledgeably and precisely planned and executed from the first to the last step. We can proudly look back to our resilient and motivated team, consisting of special welders, boiler assemblers, fitters, and specialist workers related to our field of activities.

Assuming responsibility. Based on our personnel’s professional skills, commitment, and experience, our goal is to provide unlimited quality in an affordable and prompt manner. At the same time, economic benefit has no precedence over the safety and health of people, along with the protection of nature.

We give special importance to our highly-qualified welders: Orbital and mirror welding, along with TIG and TIG/E (combined) are among our specialities. We have all the necessary qualifications and additional qualifications - you are more than welcome to view and download our certificates on the corresponding website.

Mobility is a matter of course for us, and we can briefly reach any operation area. We always have the necessary machines and tools at hand, and we guarantee automatic fulfilment of your work order - we do not need to borrow tools somewhere, somehow!

You will also be delighted by our committed expert personnel!

  • E, MAG, TIG, TIG/E, and mirror welders with valid TÜV certificates
  • Fitter according to isometry
  • Pipe fitter with flanging training
  • Boiler assemblers
  • Supervisor for pipeline construction and boiler construction
  • Senior fitter
  • Electrician with certificate of confidence for inspecting portable devices as per VDE 0701/0702
  • Gantry crane operator
  • Rotating tower crane operator