Comprehensive Service

Planning - Execution - Review.
We are your expert point of contact and offer customised solutions for your tasks.

To maintain the budget and duration within the appropriate limits according to the customer’s specific specifications, structured, and efficient project management and know-how are required, particularly for complex construction projects such as in industrial plants and power plant construction. Therefore, complete communication, along with complex and comprehensive thinking in systems for the projects, are very important. No matter how custom your projects are, we analyse your task and define the goals together with you. Based on this, we develop solutions and present you with suggestions on efficient execution.


Plant construction

Assemblies in all conventional power plants. Trained expert personnel and optimised workflows to ensure quality


  • Maintenance, repair, disassembly, and assembly of devices, containers, and power plants
  • One-stop shop for professional personnel for any services related to devices and container construction
  • Maintenance measures for complex new and maintenance projects

  • Refinery, Power Plant Construction, and Pipeline Construction

    Project development throughout the entire refinery and power plant construction portfolio. Providing qualified specialists ensures you the greatest possible flexibility in your projects.

    TÜV-certified expert personnel from the following areas:

  • Assembly
  • Boiler construction
  • Welding technology
  • Maintenance management (contracts for a fixed period that specify the type, duration, and scope of the project)

  • Steel construction and welding technology

  • Precise and reliable welding work on components that are subject to acceptance
  • Consistent, high quality
  • Timely order execution
  • Dismantling and partial disassemblies of industrial plants

  • Devices, Container Construction, and Boiler Technology

    Our range of services for devices and boiler technology extends to the entire boiler house – from the steam generator to the deslagger. In order that we can offer our customers fully comprehensive services for evaporators, containers, pipelines, and control fittings, we must offer additional expertise in drainage apart from maintenance.

    This includes the following components:

  • Energy generators
  • Heat and power stations
  • Rubbish incineration plants
  • Flue gas cleaning plants
  • Pipeline construction
  • Steel construction
  • Container construction

  • Repair and maintenance

  • Optimizing general plant safety
  • Optimizing plant availability
  • Optimizing sequence of operations
  • forward looking planning of costs
  • reduction of disruption